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2. Other filters

2.1 Filtering Mail

In the /spider/msg directory you will find a file called Rename this to and edit the file. The original looks something like this ....

# the list of regexes for messages that we won't store having
# received them (bear in mind that we must receive them fully before
# we can bin them)

# The format of each line is as follows

#     type      source             pattern 
#     P/B/F     T/F/O/S            regex  

# type: P - private, B - bulletin (msg), F - file (ak1a bull)
# source: T - to field, F - from field,  O - origin, S - subject 
# pattern: a perl regex on the field requested

# Currently only type B and P msgs are affected by this code.
# The list is read from the top down, the first pattern that matches
# causes the action to be taken.

# The pattern can be undef or 0 in which case it will always be selected
# for the action specified

package DXMsg;

@badmsg = (
'B',    'T',    'SALE', 
'B',    'T',    'WANTED',
'B',    'S',    'WANTED',
'B',    'S',    'SALE', 
'B',    'S',    'WTB',
'B',    'S',    'WTS',
'B',    'T',    'FS',

I think this is fairly self explanatory. It is simply a list of subject headers that we do not want to pass on to either the users of the cluster or the other cluster nodes that we are linked to. This is usually because of rules and regulations pertaining to items for sale etc in a particular country.

2.2 Filtering words from text fields in Announce, Talk and DX spots

From version 1.48 onwards the interface to this has changed. You can now use the commands set/badword to add words that you are not prepared to see on the cluster, unset/badword to allow that word again and show/badword to list the words that you have set.

If you have a previous /spider/data/badwords, the first time you start the node, it will read and convert this file to the new commands. The old style file will then be removed.

2.3 Stopping (possibly bad) DX Spots from Nodes or Spotters

There are a number of commands that control whether a spot progresses any further by regarding it as "bad" in some way.

A DX Spot has a number of fields which can be checked to see whether they contain "bad" values, they are: the DX callsign itself, the Spotter and the Originating Node.

There are a set of commands which allow the sysop to control whether a spot continues:-


These work in the same as the set/badword command, you can add any words or callsigns or whatever to the appropriate database. For example, to stop a spot from a particular node you do:

set/badnode gb7djk gb7dxc

a bad spotter:

set/badspotter b0mb p1rat nocall

and some bad dx:

set/baddx video wsjt

You can remove a word using the appropriate unset command (unset/baddx, unset/badspotter, unset/badnode) or list them using one of show/baddx, show/badspotter and show/badnode.

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